Compliant Kubernetes for Privacy Sensitive Services


Since the EU passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), regulations regarding how personally identifying information (PII) are increasingly affecting how online services are delivered to end users. In the US, the State of California is working on a similar regulation, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). What these privacy-focused regulations, as well as and SOC 2 and ISO 27001, have in common is that codify procedures for how data can be used. Thus, they in effect impose limits on how processing and storage of data is allowed to be performed.

Limits imposed by regulations and procedures adds a sense of uncertainty to many software developers and vendors. Are we compliant? What does network segmentation mean, and do we have it? What information do I get to store where? For how long can we store log files? Do they have to be encrypted?

Compliant Kubernetes reduces your compliance burden

Compliant Kubernetes has been created specifically to reduce your compliance burden by encoding answers to such data processing questions. It takes away uncertainty, codifies operational expertise and policies, and provides security against known and unknown threats. In this way, Compliant Kubernetes helps developers deliver software at a rapid pace, with a peace of mind that the underlying platform is looking out for them, and helping them be compliant.

Featured privacy sensitive customer testimonial

We handle very sensitive data. We decided on Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes as it doesn’t lock you into any cloud, is available under European jurisdiction, is built on best practice from the cloud native community and comes pre-configured for all our security and compliance needs, saving us a lot of effort.
Joel Hörnqvist, CEO of Tempus

Joel Hörnqvist

CEO of Tempus, a fast-growing and modern daycare planning platform, managing the trust and data privacy of thousands of parents every day.

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Managed services offering by Elastisys

Compliant Kubernetes is your number one Kubernetes platform choice for use in regulated industries. But did you know that Elastisys also offers managed services such as databases (MariaDB and PostgreSQL), message queues (NATS), log handling (Elasticsearch and Kibana), and monitoring (Prometheus and Grafana)? Together, they provide a secure platform for your distributed applications running on top of Compliant Kubernetes.